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Doc AV method:
1. Soak for several days in Kroil or similar releasing agent.
2. Try normal screw driver using drill press to exert pressure ( Chapman or Webster driver with ratchet wrench)
3. Try Impact driver
4. Try heat applied to Screw head, cold pads to rest of Rifle. ( expansion and contraction can break rust.).
5. Retry Impact drivers.

6. If by this time, screw won't budge, or is Mangled beyond saving, Centre screw in drill press or Mill/Drill table, Mill out head with a 5/16 end mill ( head will come off) and drill out screw with 7/32th drill: Then Pick out the remaining screw from the threads (Mauser screws are 1/4x22TPI.) using a masonry nail sharpened to a "point" to chisel out the remaining screw threads.
7.Clean up threads with a 1/4x22 Tap from Brownells; replace "Boogered" screw with Brownells screw or original (mismatching) Mauser screw.

Good luck...

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services.
brisbane Australia.
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