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No No No not THAT kind of stripper! I had to say that.

As part of the recent ammo purchase I made with a friend, I have "odds & ends" ammo and stripper clips that I will want to sell. I need a value for a few of them, as I am not familiar and do not own the rifles they fit. I have the following: (4) GEW 88
(3) French Lebel, 8mm rimmed (and 5 rounds of old ammo)
(9) Steyr M-95 (and 38 rounds of 1939 and 1940 ammo
(1) bandoleer of 303 British on clips (that I haven't looked at for dates)

I want to make a fair price to sell these and really do not know what they are worth, once I get an idea I will post on the wts.

Thank you.
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