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Straighten a bent bolt?

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Has anyone attempted to straighten a bent bolt? I have a 43 matching rifle whose handle was bent AFTER it was stamped. The serial numbers are stretched on the top of the handle while there are "folds" of metal in the underside.

I suppose this was done post it military life.

Has anyone attempted to reheat and bend the handle back?

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YES-A friend of mine had a Mauser that had the same problem-the stretched numbers and pucker marks on the underside.My friend-Randy-was good with metal and just about anything mechanical-We carefully heated it up dull red and slowly bent it back on a vise with wooden jaws.Then after it cooled in the air he polished the bolt back to orginal brightness.I later tried this my self with a Mosin Nagant bolt and didnt have as good a results.Randy said"Metal has memory,if we are carefull we can bend it back" and he did!but I by my self was not able to recreate the results.
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