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Straighten a bent bolt?

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Has anyone attempted to straighten a bent bolt? I have a 43 matching rifle whose handle was bent AFTER it was stamped. The serial numbers are stretched on the top of the handle while there are "folds" of metal in the underside.

I suppose this was done post it military life.

Has anyone attempted to reheat and bend the handle back?

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I helped someone better with metal working than myself straighten the bolt on my Erfurt 1899 and was very pleased with the results. It looks like its been messed with and bends slightly forward but is still a great improvement. However the numbers and proofs were unaffected by the bend so that wasn't a factor.

Nevertheless its always worth a try. We just used put a piece of pipe on the bolt knob and gradually knocked it up into place. It turned out slightly rough where it had been glowing red, so I had to smooth it out a little.

I documented the whole process.
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