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Story of my life-2nd again

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I will try a post for pics also. WW I No.1 Mk.III*s. First pic top to bottom. 1916 Enfield; 1917 BSA with matching number windage sight and steel buttplate with brass trapdoor; 1918 LSA, only 50,000 made; 1918 SSA with Canadian "C" mark; 1918 NRF navy "N" mark on left side of wrist. The * was cancelled and a cutoff slot was machined into it sometime after WW I. Second pic shows 2 tone buttplate.
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Might as well get my coin in as well.

Here is my UF55 No4Mk2. Not bad for $250

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Maybe you can be first the next time the boards change!!!
I think I was the first to post pics the last time the board change, but missed it this time. (I've been hanging out on the G/K43 forum a lot lately looking at those e-vil German guns.)

Need to post some Enfield pics over here.

Edit- BTW, that's a sweet looking No.4 Mk2 and you stole it for that price. I had to pay a little over a hundred bucks more last year when I got mine, but I wasn't complaining.

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Nice rifles all.

Clyde, are you going to make it to Charlotte 29 Sept? You can't be on duty 25/7!

We are going to have cook out here after the show, come on down!
Ahhhhh, I can't make it. I am actually off that weekend but I am obligated to work on some family stuff already. Man, between work and family I just don't have enough time to play!

Seriously, I'm not complaining. I have plenty of time to putter around the board like I am now, it's just the weekends that get slammed by work and all. Makes it tough to go to shows and matches, though. They always seem to be scheduled on those pesky weekends.

I'll make it down there one of these days!
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