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I am hoping to find someone knowledgeable in Stith scope mounts or has some sort of Stith reference catalogue available. I got a Remington Model 81 with a Stith mount on it but unfortunately no scope. I really want to get a correct scope for this mount but I really have no idea what would fit in here.

The rear receiver mount is marked "F3A" on the back.

The front mount is about 35 mm (1.37") in diameter and the tube/sleeve portion is about 42 mm (1.65") in length. This is marked "SII LS" or "S11 LS" on the bottom.

Finally, there are two parallel lines cut out underneath the front mount. Do these have something to do with retention? Is there supposed so be some tension leaf spring that passes through here to help stabilize the front of the scope?

I would be very grateful if someone could assist me!

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