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Steyr production spanning 54 years, 1890-1944

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I was writing an article for my gun clubs milsurp newsletter. I had all of my Steyr production rifles out and it made an interesting display covering a 54 year segment of Steyr production from 1890-1944 In addition it also covers use by Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Turkey, and Russia.

From top to bottom.

1890 Steyr Gew.88/05, this particular rifle is matching, served with Germany and later Turkey.

Hungarian 31.a/M, started life as a Steyr M.95 long rifle serving in Austria made either in 1917 or 1918. After the war it spent time in Czechoslovakia before ultimately ending up in Hungary where it was rebuilt into the 31.a/M configuration.

Yugoslav M.95m, began life either as an M.95 long rifle or carbine. Some time around I believe 1938 was part of a Yugo rebuild program where it was converted to feed from stripper clips, rebarreled in 8mm mauser among other changes. Some time after that it appears to have come into German hands as evidence by the blued bolt and serial number electro penned on the buttplate. I suspect a WWII bring back as there are no import marks and as you can see met the fate of many bring backs. Bore is mint, all parts match, extractor and internal clip present. This one has a happy ending to its story as I have located a replacement stock for it.

bnz 43 sszza4, this rifle started out life as a SS depot built gun, ended up captured by the Russians.

bnz 44 SS contract, vet bring back bolt m/m

m1912 Steyr-Hahn, Started life in 1919 with the Austrian military, some time around 1940-1942 possibly later they were rebarreled by the Germans from their original 9mm Steyr to 9mm Luger and issued to Austrian police.

i used to have a very nice S block bnz45 I traded...hopefully some day ill have another matching bnz45 again.

If there are any detailed pictures of any particular rifle you would like to see just let me know.

Edit: Have since added a bnz 41 MP40 to to the Steyr family so here is an updated photo.

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Don't forget 1914 Austrian mauser (1912 Mexican)
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