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Steyr 1905 pistol picked it yesterday and shot it today with new production/reloads

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Got a Steyr pistol, M 1905 . it came with 100 rounds of new production ammo.
Seems they reformed some 32.20 brass and loaded lead round nose. The receipt was with the ammo $125 shiped for 100 rounds.

Took it out back and shot 5 rounds off, can't beleive how far it threw the brass, about 8 to 10 feet straight behind me, I would have liked to see how far it went up before it laned directly behind me. It functioned flawlessly, very impresed with the ammo and pistol.

Thought it was very pleasant shooting, hardly any requoil. Has any body else shot theres?

I didn't put it on paper but shot my burn barrel ( 55 gal drum) from 60 yrds out , not trying very hard ( actually closed my eyes on the first shot, didn't want to watch my finger come apart if we had a malfunction)
4 shots in a 12" circle

I don;'t know much about them and they seem very intresting ( why else would I have bought it)

The barrel has sn# 5598 and the chamber has 5598 on the right side , can't find any numbers on the slide, the frame under the barrel has 5598 and 1418 above/below each other, and the left side of the barrel has 1418.

Whats the deal with this, has it been matched up twice?????

Thanks in advance
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You thief! $125 with the ammo, shipped!

Looking at the serial numbers data by Motz & Schuy, #5598 should be Argentine contract. Is the crest on the right hand side intact or is it ground?
Keep buying until you have the whole Austro-Hungarian set. You can probably handle it for under $500 if you were able to find this pistol at this price... :clap:
NO, I was just saying what the last owner paid for the ammo alone.

I wish I could have gotten it all for $125, I'm not that lucky.

And no crest.
What did you use for stripper clips for loading? I have a nice one and plenty of original ammo but no clips.
I'm bumping this thread because I too just purchased a M1905 and have dual S/N's like the OP. Bit of a coincidence, but his S/N's are very close to mine, and both are separated by the same amount of numbers from both of my S/N's. At first I thought it was mismatched parts, but now I am wondering why there are two S/N's. Here are some pictures:
SN on frame falls in the Argentine range. The number on the bottom cover is earlier, probably civilian market.


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I shoot mine with handloads using buffalo brass. It does throw them quite ways and is fairly accurate. Mine had the extractor broken and I had to get it rewelded and I re-cut it. I don't find I need stripper clips as the mannlicher pistol will stay open for loading directly into the magazine, and won't close till you pull the hammer back.I bought a few from sarco, but dont' remember if I tried them. It takes me longer to load them into the stripper and then into the pistol than to just load the pistol. The picture looks supiciously like a steyr hahn stripper.

If memory serves, you can use stripper clips for the Broomhandle for these, which are still readily available.
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