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Got myself a Mk. II finally, and I'm all excited to start ordering the rest of the parts to complete it. HOWEVER, I'm trying to keep everything nice and 922r compliant and as such I'm confused as hell as to what parts in the typical kit count towards the 10 maximum allowed. I've searched online and found a few people mention that there are 12 parts that fall under 922r, but not what they are.

The parts I believe count (based on the 922r guidelines):

Trigger housing
Handguard/ barrel nut
Remnant of frame attached to trigger housing (with rear sight aperture)?

Excluded front trunnion, receiver tube, bolt, cocking handle from Indianapolis Ordnance.

Second, I have the original barrel and wanted to use it if possible (since IA is out of 16" ones right now) with the extension they sell, provided I don't go over the 922r limit. What I don't understand is if it is legal to later apply for an SBR and remove the extension later on?

I appreciate any help ya'll can provide.
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