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I use an electric soldering iron for the heat source instead of a clothes iron. Also I wet down the dents before hand with a small piece of paper towel saturated with water and placed on the dent to soak some water deep into the dent. Then when steaming it out, the water in the rag plus the water in the wood creates alot of continuous steam and does a decent job with the high heat of the soldering gun. The pressure cooker steam will really go to town on the bigger stuff. If you have a piece of rubber hose that will slide over the top fitting on the cooker it makes it easier to use. But you'll need something to wrap around it where you're holding on as it gets HOT! Prolonged steaming of stamped markings in the wood (inspectors marks, cartouches, etc), especially with the pressure cooker method, may make the stamped wood swell to the point where it becomes a reversed image and is above the surface of the stock instead of stamped into the wood. It is a dent in the wood afterall.
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