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...from my wife's and my recent trip to Russia. Will be posting military / gun specific photos.

There are a LOT (we took in excess of 3000 photots), and I will try to post them all to relevant forums. I know JPS is going to LOVE the Russian military uniform photos I took inside GUM department store (they had a display on from a Russian collector).

To see the first lot posted, got to the AK / SKS forum here:

Collectibles-wise, we managed to bring home quite a lot of family treasures, family military items , soviet badges, communist party stuff, quite a few Soviet regional flags, Ushanka, peaked caps, forage caps, pagon (er, epaulettes), stars, cloth patches, Makarov holsters (all from a friend, ex-service from soviet era), compasses, and a COMPLETE modern OMON uniform. A LOT will be for sale, except the heirlooms and keepsakes.

Actual firearms wise, only saw a few Makarovs, a couple Krinkov's, and a Walther P99 BB gun :) MANY military knives kind of akin to Finnish Puuko's also, and ALMOST bought one but decided too risky (will have it posted).

Best trip of my life, especially since my wife and I did our Russian wedding that we had always wanted to do.

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