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The whole design concept of the pistol was centered on the case dimensions, bullet length and ballistics of the 9mm Largo cartridge, and the subsequent production of the pistol in 9mm Parabellum caliber was just a quick change act without really re-engineering around a different caliber. Thus, a Model A tends to function better and more consistently than a Model B, and a Modelo Super tends to function better and more consistently than a Model B Super.

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Interesting info, making sense too, about the Model A being
designed/built around the 9 Largo cartridge, thus more of a
perfect creature than the Super B in 9mm Luger. If not for the Euro
Market, maybe Star would've never have produced as many of
the 9mm Para/Luger guns as what they did, for their customer's
demands and needs.

On the Super B in 9mm Luger, to Los & MikesChevelle (gawd how I
drooled for one in 69, SS-396 Sky Blue/White Vynl Interior!!!) I say:
Keep an eye peeled, as the other guys rec'mnded; also the A/Arms
& Gn Brkr online auction sites. Though they're not up for grabs as
much as they were five yrs ago, you'll see a Super B for sale, more
often than most of the other Star Automatich Pistolens that you
might be trying to find. I also wanted/got a Super B to shoot the
cheaper 9mm Americano cartouche, and don't regret it at all. In the
one to three hundred rounds, of many different types of round nosed
loads, I don't remember having any feeding or ejection problems. It is
still a duty grade (20th century) pistol, and the fellow it was converted
from, the model A Largo, is still 'on duty' I hear, in some of the waring
worlds, such as Africa, though certainly not limited to just there, I'm

And also as with wimmen, it does'nt hurt (always) when you have
more than one Model, so unless you're married or something, get a
Modelo Super/9mmLargo-A number, as well as a B Super to have
more of a plinker. As best as I know, the 9 mildred, after the 22
long rifle rimfire cartridge, is the cheapest load there is? My Super
B is one of the many Surplus Supers imported here, after their first
life in Police & Military jobs. Mine, though well used, has a lot of
life left in it. I can think of lessor pistols that I would'nt want to go
to a gunfight, or war with, than the Super B/9mm Para.

Unless you reload, and I don't yet, many pistol loads other than
9mm para, are like shooting qtrs & 50 cent pieces each time you
pull the trigger. Ten cents a round @ wally mart, and here & there,
seems to be the lowest retail $ on 9mm that I see, and every other
kind of cntr fire ammo after that, jumps to a whole other level of
cost per round. I wonder, if, with the collapse of Lead, copper, &
other component global prices, will ammo prices go down, the way
the went up during those commodity price spikes in recent yrs?
:::::not holding breath:::::
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