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Hi All,

Bought a nice Star B for $80. It had a broken barrel link.

I had remembered that a gun smith used a 1911 link to repair one years ago.
I checked the dimentions on what was left of the old link and a 1911 link.
They were with in .003 to.005 .
The pin sizes were right on. I slimmed the link to fit and checked locked up it was OK.

I mentioned it on the board and a few fellows replied that I could get a ORIGINAL
link from STAR a Spanish member here. I checked with many parts people here and no one had any!

I sent STAR a message and I now have the correct pin & barrel link to install on the pistol.
Original parts are best !

The 1911 link will work and the pistol shoots the same so I will use that one as a spare IF I need it some time.

Just wanted to thank the guys that mentioned STAR to me. Shipping was not bad at all!

Best to all,
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