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Standard Modell Snipers?

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Need some clarification. I bought several K98 Snipers in a collection in the 1980s. Three where side rail snipers made from Mauser standard modells. I see also in many bookss that they show K98 snipers made form Standard models. Yet When I talk to sniper collectors at gun shows they all poo poo any sniper that is made from a standard Model. FIrst I know the guy that had this collection in the 80s and he was an honest old man. 2) the stock on all these standard models were arsenal plugged expertly (and anciently) to hide the commercial sling if they were altered for military service. Any comments from sniper collector out there....Seems the best snipers were taken from th ehighest quality guns of the time...and that is logically ...or possibly.. the hand made standard models....or not?

Oh and the side rails are all numbered to the guns. Not trying to sell so just want the straight poop. I want to buy more...since they all seem to have the same characteristics.
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heres one... ha ha ha ha.
and who is the mystery bubba? ha ha ha


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If anyone out there has snipers as standard modells can they give the details or photos to verify configurations.???
Never heard of such a thing, but that doesn't mean they couldn't be genuine. They could have been made up for the german government agency that owned them.
Yes there was Standard Modells Converted too Snipers . All that I have seen that were Unquestionable were SSR type .
It would be best to show Quality Detailed Photos of each one You want to know about . Best Regards
Pics need to be much more detailed than this one Photo . I know were this Sniper is I looked at it . But as I said need more detailed Pics . I know there were in fact some of these made I have a Scope for one that is Correct . If You have Robert Spielauers Book there is one Pictured in it on Page 495 and Rings on Pg 494 . Best Regards
Hi Thanks for the kind reply. I am thinking about buying it to go with my other standard modell snipers. I just want to know if the the set up is others are side rails....

I think most people think that these are put togethers...seems like the military ones would be the ones faked,,,not standard modells. So they are always priced as assembled guns etc....but they have old plugs on the stocks and everything just looks right:)
mine didnt have a 'dual' band holder. it had a ww1 type rear band spring and a striaght hole for the fwd band. (memory)


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