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Standard-Modell 1924

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So I recently picked up this rifle....I thought it was interesting because it has a replaced barrel with a sight hood. Upon inspection, I believe this rifle to have started life as an Ethiopian contract rifle. It has the crest faintly stamped into the buttsock. I think at some point it was in the possession of the Germans again, as the barrel is DOT coded and has a waffenamt. I cant quite make out what the waffenamt is, but it looks like wa63 with a circled "HK" next to it. Also on the barrel is what appears to be a lion. The barrel and rear sight are un-numbered, the rear sight also has a waffenamt, but I cant make out what it is. Overall I think its a cool rifle, I like the replacement barrel. Rifle is all matching except the handguard, I'm guessing it was replaced with the barrel. Looks like an original sling as well.


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Few more pics


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I suspect you will find the czech lion proof on the barrel is post war czech production from one of the 98k's the czechs built right after the war. This also explains the german inspection marks/eagles as the Czechs had left over parts they used. So it looks more like an individual put this barrel on the rifle...maybe to replace a worn out barrel. Doubt it ever got back to German hands.
yes some post war messed with rifle. they like bill said used a barrel from a winter98/czech post war rifle. the lion is not timed up properly so they seem to have just turned the barrel on and re-put the sights on. might want to check headspace as mauser has a double crush and with them NOT tring to line everything up like the sights etc you might have some serious problems. your rifle also supports a M48 or other YUGO trigger and sear. good luck.

Shame. Oh well, can't win em all. Post war makes sense......did Czechs not number rear sights or barrels?
The Chinese characters on the trigger guard by the s/n make it look like it was originally a Chinese contract Standard Modell.
Ethiopian contracts often have the Chinese characters on the triggergaurd. From my understanding it just translates to "made in Germany".
barrel replacemets are common, to me a gun isint worth much if it doesnt shoot well. im looking to rebarrel a gew 98, but its a nasty confusing rust bucket; i wouldent mess with anything that mached. really nice gun by the way.
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