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Was in at my dealer the other day. Only 6 French rifles in store - a decrepit MAS36 - split foreend, split butt, foreend moves laterally, generally poor to very poor. Probably a Vietnam souvenir or 1980's Vietnam export (lots of MAS 36 came to Australia ex-Vietnam in the 1980's, as well as US stuff like Springfields, M1917's, and some Berthier carbines)

Also in the racks were a handful of Turk Ormon conversions ranging from very good to excellent, and a Gras, converted to 20 gauge. And lastly, standing tall, was a St. Etienne Berthier Mle. 1907-15.

Condition generally is good plus - strong bore, decent wood. Wood appears to be beech (it LOOKS like beech - not the usual reys showing, more that "lumpy" grain, deepish chocolate colour), with 3 arsenal repairs - heel, grip, and foreend. Handguard seems fine. Comes with an original sling, still in nice, though a little stiffened, condition.

He wants $495 Aus for it - that's about $300 US at the moment. Does this seem unreasonably high?


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That price is in the ballpark for a 1907-15 in similar condition here in the US. I put a bit of a premium on 1907-15s as they don't seem to come to market as often as M1916s. And all Berthier rifles are much harder to find than carbines, which are very common here. I'm still on the prowl for a nice example to go with my M1916.
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