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The past 7 weeks has been eventful, moved the Spouse across the country to her new location for her job, got kids off to school, lost one of my old and loyal Labs...a great friend, lots of new responsibilities at my job under two new bosses (only I know where all the bodies are buried so job security may be ok hopefully), figured out how to keep up with the new websites at Gunboards and at another gun friendly site, and finally took a break by checking out a new shop I have never been to before.
Found and bought a minty refurbed ExPE Tula sniper 1937 dated, and 2 more minty Ishevesk PU exSnipers a1943 and 1944 in war time stocks there. All 3 have minty mirror and tight bores, no markings scrubbed and came with accessories for under $100 each OTD. Well, I bought them all. Now I have 7 PU ExSnipers, 4 PU replicas, 2 PE ExSnipers, and 1 PEM ExSniper and 2 Yugo M91/30 Real PU scopeless snipers. Holy cow, how did I get here?
Truthfully, I am in shock and awe over acquiring so many Ex-snipers in the 2 years I've been seriously looking for them. IIRC, about 3 years ago, I posted here innocently asking if I should buy a replica or an Exsniper PU M91/30. So many good answers led me to both, and the advice to buy Scopeless Yugo M91/30 snipers was good too and also followed.
The real addiction hasn't been only in the rifles, but in also buying up the original and repro Scopes and mounts for PUs, PEs and hopefully a PEM, to put on all these rifles. I just got in some of Igor's nice repro leather caps and canvas covers for PE/PEM scopes too. The old credit cards many not get paid off any time soon after all. I think I've have an addiction problem here. I can't seem to find any brakes to put on this monster habit! I can only hope all this acquisition and fun will be a wise investment for the future or at least break even for the heirs! Anyone else out of control out there? What do you do to control it?
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