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Today marked the first day of the annual October Springfield (MA) Show held at the Eastern States Expo Center (The Big E). The show holds about 700 tables and normally has a fair assortment of Japanese militaria and weaponry. Today was no exception, with about 30-40 T-99 rifles observed. Somewhat uncharacteristically, I didn't see a single T-38 rifle. Rick S. bought a very nice T-99 rig, but I'll let him brag about his find if he wishes.

I found a Japanese-marked French (Belgian?) folding-trigger, pinfire revolver. The right-hand side of the barrel has kanji markings translating "1872 - No. 246 - Nagahama Prefecture." The former Nagahama Prefecture now forms a part of modern-day Shiga Prefecture. Photos will follow in a new post.

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