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Charlie - Sorry that I can't likely answer your specific questions about Raritan Arsenal. Most of the military facilities capable of overhauling rifles continued to do so until after hostilities ended (or they ran out of rifles). Maybe Rick the Librarian has some more specific info and can impart it to our benefit. Would be helpful to show a photo of any marks on the left side of the buttstock.

My take; this rifle served in both WWI and WWII and was arsenal repaired/rebuilt as a result of that service. It is a double heat treat receiver (no safety concerns with any reasonable load), has a barrel renowned for consistent accuracy, and a typical GI replacement stock. Many Remington bolts were used in late war rebuilds as Rem had a contract to make some parts specifically for rebuilds. While we all lust after 100% original specimens, most look similar to this configuration. The future owner (hopefully you) has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Regards.

and if Rick can't help, and I'm almost sure he can, pop over to jouster and see if you can get a reply from John Beard (not sure if he is on gunboards)

I would bet this is a good shooting rifle, high standard made good barrels,
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