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I picked up a sporterize sniper at the local gun show ,its a nagoya all matching # mum is ground and is missing the scope mount has no wings on sight ser # 257, looks like the rifle never been fired, any one have a front barrel band,w/ # 257 it is a type 99 ,Dakjack

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Hi Mike :

Dakjack states on the second sentence that it is a Nagoya sniper.

Dakjack how was the stock sporterized ?, was it cut at the rear band ?, do you have a loose fore-end that you can splice onto the stock or are you putting a replacement stock ?, and that is why you need a matching number if possible front barrel band ?. Unless you can find a loose 4 power receiver base, you can have one reproduction made and installed by Don Schlickman from this board ( < [email protected] > ). Another question look at the left receiver wall near the barrel to receiver line up marks just above the stock, is that area look like it has been polished and reblued ? are traces visible of a one or two digit number stamped there at one time but now polished off ?, if so could you tell me that number.
The polishing off was done by the Japanese, only seen on some of the first few hundred rifles, that same number was also stamped on the rear edge of the receiver base and was an assembly number peculiar to the receiver and base fitting only.
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