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I won an auction with a bunch of medals,flags helmets, swords you name it. Well I want the flags, kept some of the original medals.

These are all reproduction medals(or I think.. im not an expert but seeing as how I have multiple copies of these I am going to guess they are repro.. if not then you really just scored big time!) All are in excellent condition, very decently made and are very hard to find real or not.

What I have
2 x Dolphin Uboat Badge
1 x navy badge(gold anchor)
2 x SA Badge(possible original badge)
7 x minesweeper badge
6 x blockade runner badge.
5 x viking badge
4 x fast attack craft badge
1 x destroyer badge
1 x koblenz trier badge(this could be an original badge)
2 x field marshal baton collar tabs(1 is shiny silver background the other is not)
1 x medium german police? patch
1 x small german police? patch
1 x blue nazi party collar tavs
1 x pink nazi party collar tabs
1 x black(blue border) nazi party collar tabs
1 x black(gold border) nazi party collar tabs
1 x unknown nazi eagle gold patch

You must purchase at least 3(sorry to much of a pain to ship just one at a time). $10+ shipping each!!! I know these sell anywhere from $25-45 a piece normally so I feel this is a great deal as I just dont need em!

If you buy the entire lot(I have around 38 total) I will give you a super deal of just $205 shipped. Thats around $5 per item(if you run a store this would be a really good deal for you)


**SPF** ONE ORIGINAL PU SNIPER SCOPE LENS CAPS in excellent condition. $25 shipped. Have just one.

Paypal gift(or add 3%) or USPS money order only please. Ships USPS priority mail which is $5.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts