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This rifle is currently SPF.........thank you

Was going to restore this one, but getting deeper into some other builds right now. Very good condition, but stock has been cut/sporterized (not by me), along with the original bolt having the handle cut off. Chambered in 7.65 ARG (7.65 x 53)
I have replaced the bolt with an original straight bolt body, replacement extractor-new production firing pin, & firing pin spring. Has a Turk marked bolt stop assembly. Other than that it's all original w/barrel & receiver matching. Also included is the original sling swivels, band/bayonet lug, and nose cap - along with the original cut bolt (in case you want to continue the sporterization)
Has a dark but stong bore & good muzzle end. I have not personally fired this weapon, but headspaces & functions properly.

Asking $150 + shipping (antique, so no C&R necessary)

11.11.12 001.jpg 11.11.12 003.jpg 11.11.12 004.jpg 11.11.12 002.jpg 11.08.12 004.jpg

May also entertain trades for parts kits, especially an Uzi w/front & rear stubbs intact. First, "I'll take it" posted in this thread gets priority.

Thanks, Matt


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