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SPF to Anarchy. Thanks!

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Rules: First “I’ll take it” posted here wins. Feel free to email me directly with any questions or additional information but “I’ll take it” posted here will seal the deal.

Up for sale is an ALL MATCHING T99 Arisaka with capture papers from my collection. It’s a series 3 Nagoya Arsenal, serial # 49254 (1939-45). It’s in excellent condition, all original Urushi finish, never sanded. It has a mirror bore with strong lands and grooves, aircraft sights, and cleaning rod. It does not have a monopod but it’s my understanding that this particular rifle did not have one issued with it. The Mum is disfigured but visible. I’ve put only six rounds through it and this rifle is very accurate and functions perfectly. You would have to go quite a long way to find another example of a T99 in this good condition with this provenance. And, the provenance of this rifle is solid as it was purchased directly from the family of the vet who returned with it with the paperwork. I have two original copies of the capture papers which will accompany the rifle. Obviously there are no import marks and no cracks or splits. Bluing is conservatively 85%+.

I'll sell this rifle for $425, shipped to you in a hard case to your FFL or C&R address. I'm a C&R as well and we can swap papers. Postal money orders and personal checks are welcome as is Paypal if we can slip it by.

If you need any additional photos or information, please email me directly.

Thanks for looking.

Rome aka Cabinetman
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If $425.00 includes shipping I'll take it.:rolleyes:
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