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Back in the late 40's General Peron, Argentina's president ordered the military factory DGFM (manufacturer of the Colt Sistema),to manufacture some WWII guns, htey copied the MP44 in 7.92x33, the Johnson in 7.65 Arg Mauser and the Garand in 7.65 Arg. Mauser-The pieces are considered collectibles, because they never got to the status of production and stayed on prototype stage, though a few hundred of the MP44's were made and the ctdge military factory "Borghi" manufactured the 7.92 ammo for the MP, I'm not a ctdge collector, but i've heard that the Borghi 7.92 goes for a hundred bucks each piece-
In forty yrs as a collector the only one of the three abovementioned rifles I've seen is the Garand and it looks perfect, the guy who had it, some ten yrs ago, was asking 10 grand for the piece-
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