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For anyone considering experimenting with cast bullets in a pistol I can highly recommend big mikes cast bullets. Google that and you will find his web site. I have tried some of his .357 158gr and .356 125s, and have had great results. I do not think I can cast them myself for much less if I factor in keeping the kids out of my hair while doing it. He ships fast after getting an order. If nothing else it is a good place to get various weights and/or styles to try out before buying a mold.
Simple solution with the kids when casting, close and lock the door. LOL
My grandkids have very curious little minds. I cast outside on a little side covered porch that has a patiodoor. They stand around the door and watch me. After I have waterdropped my WWS, I bring them inside and lay them on a towel to sort. I usually let them look through the bullets to find the ones that look good, or the ones that ain't up to par. I'll recheck their finds and throw the rejects back into the pot. Works in a few ways. It fills their couriosity. I have trained them on what a good, or reject bullet looks like. Saves time for me during my casting and, I am getting them started in learning an art concerned with handloading. They are eager to learn, and I am going to teach them all I know, as they grow a little.
Also. Once they handle the bullets, I always make sure they wash their hands. You never know when the little rugrats will grab a piece of candy or a snack pie or something to eat.
One is now nine and the other is seven, and both have fired my old H&R 22 revolver. Next up will be my scoped Ruger 10/22. About time for that now.
srinde. I agree. It's not a bad idea for anyone to purchase some cast bullets and load before deciding if you want to make the expense of molds, casting furnace, sizing dies, alloys, manuals and the like. And the time. It's not for everyone. I love it.
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