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Fellows, in the past some of you have asked to use part of one of our tables to sell your items and we have been happy to oblige. However, this year we have cleaned out the closets, shop, etc and our tables will be full and "overflowing." If you are bringing things to the show and don't have a table you need to make other arrangements. As far as we know our tables are in the same place, one of the islands on the left against the wall as you walk in the front door.

The meeting is Friday night, Ruth will have information on where and when at our table. She's been cooking the last half of this week and imagine the first part of next week is reserved for cookie baking, and I just joined Weight Watchers. With my Leuk. treatments I've gained about 25 pounds of "fluff" which I intend to loose and then some. See you at the show and if you see me with a cookie in my hand, slap it.

Set your GPS for 6515 Signature Dr. The meeting is at Jameson Inn, Louisville south 502-968-4100. I-65 South, exit Fern Valley Dr, go east to light, turn right. Go past Shoney's. Outback is next door to hotel. If you are on Preston Hwy, go to Fern Valley and turn left. Hotel is near I-65 - probably a mile from your turn (not my directions!)
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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