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Sometimes waiting pays off - m/27 .22lr Trainer found +pics

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Hello fellows,

My feet hurt badly, walking around at the biggest german gunshow at Kassel is a hard days work:)))))
Did not go there with big expections but hit the jackpot!
There it was, areal NICE m/27 trainer in .22lr :)))))))
NEVER EVER expected to find such a rar bird over here, was lucky enough to inspect some of those rifels on my trip to Finland this winter.
But now it ie here.
Barrel date is 1936, barrel number 1441. looks to be solid, but there are also lined examples.
Nice ameriacan wallnut stock, early upper band.
Barrel nice and shiny, crisp trigger.

OK, now for the pictures:

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Congrats! Sounds like you found a nice one.
Never knew they existed? Interesting!

Nice find!!! Sure would like to see some pics sometime.
Does it have the "cartridge" mark on the top of the receiver?

Chris I knew I should have come over for the show!

That is a winner on my really short list. That is a great find and one that is really tough and a jewel for any collection. Is it 5mm or 6mm?
Have no idea what it is so I'd love to see it!! Sounds like you did great! :D
No no pictures by now:-((((

There is no cartridge mark on the action, but not all got it. One of the m/27 trainers, I inspected in Finland, did not have it.

It is chambered for .22lfB, it was reproofed here in 1997.

Vic, it was my lucky day, possibly the only chance in life for me to get such a thing.

No to prepare a range test with a good selection of ammo.
If it shoots half as nice, as it looks, I am a happy man.

Our loss, your gain... I'm happy it got a good home far away from home!

Herzlichen (albeit slightly jealous) Glückwünsche!
- Christian
Thanks fellows!!!!!!!
Now added some pictures.
I will manufacture a new lower band screw, the original one was lost.

Bokmal, it will get a nice place in my bunker and some day little Simo will learn to shoot with it, you know, snipers have to start trainnig early :))))))

Kristoff, I INSIST that you hide that one from Victor Victoria - you know he's a sneaky so and so and is likely to buttstroke you in an attempt to steal it.

Fine rifle. Treasure it mein freund!

Thanks for sharing. Like many others, I too, am unaware of this model trainer.
Looks to be a single shot, or does it repeat?
Beautiful rifle. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.
I'll try Vulch that is for sure. Its one of three m/27's I miss from the production run from 1927 to 1940. I've sought the 5mm and 6mm trainers for almost 20 yrs.

The band screw is no issue Chris. Send me a PM or mail and I'll mail you an original screw for the band.

These were made only in very limited numbers and are not commonly seen on the market-this is the first one I have heard of being sold publicly.

The gun is a single shot to answer that question. Usually the follower is removed and the empties fall into the magazine well or a plate is installed to make it a solid action.
Very Very Cool!! :D It's in excellent shape too Congratulations!! :D
The gun is a single shot to answer that question. Usually the follower is removed and the empties fall into the magazine well or a plate is installed to make it a solid action.
Thanks, Vic.
Seems there is no limit to what can be discovered about Mosins on this forum.
I learn something new almost daily.
That is a nice find!

I am curious as to how they converted the firing pin to rimfire. In some conversions they either bored the barrel offset to use the original firing pin or used an offset liner.

The rear of the bolt looks original, did they modify the bolt head?

Was the barrel blank originally bored for 22 RF or was it modified or relined to rimfire?

Irregardless the rifle is absolutely stunning!!!!

It seems, that there are two types of the m/27 conversion, one with newly made .22lr barrels and one with lined m/27 barrels.
I examined two rifles with lined barrels in Finland, mine is a one piece barrel.

The bolt head was newly made, the bolt body modified at the front and the connecting bar milled to take the extrctor.

I will take some pictures of the disassembled bolt in the next days and post them here.

Like a few others, never knew such a thing existed... must be uber rare if Vic doesn't have one...

Nice Pics, thanks for sharing!


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