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Now has there ever not been fighting on this forum? If so I don't remember.. I think it was Jefferson that said there has never been a group of men similarly associated that haven't quarreled (something like that..), however it won't ever be done regarding the rc thing. I think they are just resting up for the next round.. waiting for sunset like in that movie?

I am Legend? The darkseekers will be back..

Your cause is a good one M, good luck with it!

This is a charity group that my wife and I work with helping out soldiers serving abroad mainly in Afghanistan and Iraq. Even in a rough economy it's nice to support our troops and send something to those in need around the holidays. It's too late to get something there by X-mas, but I thought I would post the link for future use if anyone wants it.

They are a decent organization and have a 98% unpaid volunteers.

I've included a nice photo's of G.29/40 so I'm not totally off topic for the second time in as many days.

Now, please resume fighting on the other threads.

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