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I'm thinking about getting an Argentine Hi-Power and want to make sure I get one of the ones that share parts with the Belgian pistols, in case I should need something in the future. The one I'm looking at has the slide that resembles a 1911 on the front (not scalloped like the classic Hi-Power), the small safety, a Commander style hammer, and Pachmayr-like grips. The finish looks like a matte black and it's labeled "FM HI-POWER INDUSTRIA ARGETINA." The seller says there's a roll mark under the trigger guard (dustcover, perhaps?) that could be the importer but he cannot tell what it says. I'm going on emailed phone pics, not very high quality, but I am told the condition is VG+ and does not appear to be refinished.

From the limited description above, can anyone tell me whether it's one that follows the Belgian gun's pattern internally, meaning parts for the classic Hi-Power should fit with some hand fitting?

The pistol sounds very clean for it not to have been refinished. Were there commercial Argentine Hi-Powers, fitting the description above, sold in the US, and what markings would help me distinguish military or police issued pistols from newly made commercial samples?

I already own a surplus Israeli, Belgian-made pistol, bought back in the late '90's, but I like the design so much that I wouldn't mind having another.

Thanks for any and all help.
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