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Some Pics of My 1936 S/147 Mauser

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With help from my son I've posted some shots of my all matching 1936 S/147 Mauser. Some pics are not very clear, but I'm in the process of learning the ropes to taking macro shots and posting them on the forum. These pictures were taken last year. I've accumulated several K98's over the years (mostly JP Sauers) along with two Ermas, two G33/40's, and others. In time I plan to post pictures of all of them.

....1936 S/147 Mauser, walnut stock, all matching except for an unnumbered cleaning rod and the rear sight ramp, believed to be an armory replacement. In time I plan to take better pictures but for now these are what I'll start off with......

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They look really nice. Can't wait to see the ermas!
VERY nice. 36 dates are hard to find! im also looking forward to more pics
Again a very nice one
Pics outdoors in indirect sunlight look the best, IMO.
Beautiful. I love these early matching k98s. The things they must have seen...
I'd love to see more of the fiddle back in different lighting!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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