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one of the things i do very well is digging up information online, and in the case of japanese militaria to get the best results one should probably be looking at japanese sites.

thanks to googles translation services it makes it much easier

here are a few interesting sites: (the link includes google's translator text which is why the links are so long)

in order to translate the following links i post, copy them and paste them into the following google tool.

make sure you change the translation from japanese to english.

Links of interest: nice site has a lot of great pics and info(needs translation) Fujita weapons lab site, lots of interesting links here to follow, you could spend a day looking around everything thats linked here. (needs translation) military swords of the empire of japan (needs translation) a very interesting site

there is much more to be had over at google japan here

you can simply translate this link and everything you search for will be translated(you may want to translate the text your searching for before entering it)
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