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A few weeks ago I posted a question asking what WW1 German made stripper clips were going for. I asked because while I thought I was overpaying, I wanted some idea of how much I was overpaying, and help me decide if I should get the second box. In the end, I listened to my little voice and got the second box.
I know this stuff was fairly common years ago, but all I've seen lately is Finnish light ball. Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and add some Finnish heavy ball to the collection, along with some WW1 German made stripper clips.

Box one was 15 brass cased Soviet made HB, mostly dated 1935; two German DM in an oval marked clips and one Russian Cyrillic P marked clip (St. Petersburg Cartridge Factory).

Box two had 15 copper washed steel cased Soviet HB, all dated 1938 except 3 from 1941, and three German DM in an oval marked clips.

I know its not much, but my collecting habits have been curbed a bit do to one daughter getting married last November, and a second getting married in September (in Vegas), so I'm happy to be able to add a little to the Finn collection.


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Haven't been to any gunshows lately, haven't even been to the range. Can't afford to replace any ammo sent down range.

Only have a few "Finn captured" items.

Tikka M28
1940 Tikka M27
1944 VKT M39
1944 B Barrel M91 (round receiver)
Remington M91
1941 Izhevesk M38 *
1923 Tula Dragoon * (41 marked barrel)
1925 Izhevesk Dragoon (RV) * (41 marked barrel)
1941 Izhevesk 91/30 *
1944 Tikka 91/30

Of these, only four I could say are captured (*). The others I would say were manufactured/assembled in Finland, and/or purchased, or swapped for, at some point. (Would include whole rifles/parts)
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