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For Sale: Japanese Nambu – Type 14 – Tokyo Arsenal. Serial number 5044 (4.7, July, 1929). Appears to be in good working order, though I have never fired it. The finish seems quite good, however, there are a few areas of shallow pitting (especially around the rear of the frame at the lanyard ring). This pistol may have had some bluing touch up or re-blue to certain areas (?) (I’m honestly not good at determining that). However, my understanding is that early Tokyo pistols had rather shallow stamped markings.

Parts that I can see that appear to be matching:
-Mag. release button

The grips appear to be replacements (faint numbers don’t seem to match).

The locking block and the cocking knob are re-numbered to the pistol (maybe done during the 1934 recall?).

Has one later mismatched "spare" magazine.

Firing pin appears to be in good shape. Pistol frame has faint inspection markings at the “A” & “B” positions.

I would very much like to make this a local sale (Houston, Texas or surrounding area) as I don’t want to deal with the rigmarole of shipping. I don’t even mind doing a little driving to meet someone half way or a gun show, etc.

Price $450.00

Please contact me if you have any questions whatsoever and I will try my best to answer them. Also, any comments or further information by PM is always welcomed
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Thanks for looking.
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