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I would like to trade my really nice 1952 dated Soviet TT-33 for Soviet Makarovs bearing specific dates.

1952 was the final full year of Soviet production of the Tokarev pistols for the Red Army. (Some were made in 1953.) It is a scarce date, more so because of the excellent condition both inside and outside of this pistol. The bore is in beautiful condition. Two magazines are included. Both have stamped serial numbers matching the serial numbers on the pistol. In addition to the usual markings a Soviet arsenal refurbishment marks is present on the left side of the frame. Depending on circumstances I also have two holsters, spare parts and another magazine available as well. Modern 7.62x25 ammunition is also available. I would rate the Tokarev with 2 magazines as being worth $1300.00. Please contact me via private message.

I am interested in Soviet Russian Makarov pistols in the following date ranges: 1949-1958, 1964-1969, 1971-1973, 1979-1980, 1982-1985, 1988-1991.

Thank you for looking. Thanks also to Cameron White, author of a soon to be published exhastive study on the Tokarev pistols. Regards, ABTOMAT


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