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I have a Chinese SKS MC5D for sale..,

Shipping cost - $25 plus insurance
Payment types - Paypal + fee or postal MO

Price $500 plus shipping and Insurance. Firm & no trades

This is in excellent condition. I have only fired 30 rounds through it and I believe it was virtually unfired when I purchased it some years ago.

Stock is typical monte carlo with amber shellac. A very few small nicks or bumps of a very minor nature and a storage spot of slight shellac mottling. The stock is really in very nice condition

Metal is almost as new. No wear on the rails bolt face or operating parts

Features that are unusual for this particular rifle are., it has the mid length barrel shoulder vs the more common press & pin found on most of these rifles. The stripper clip guide is still intact vs milled away. The carrier is early lightening cut type

This accepts AK magazines and comes with original 5 round Chinese and I'll ship a 20 round Hungarian magazine

Sling is Chinese marked and included.

All numbers match on bolt, carrier, receiver , trigger guard and top cover. Stocks are unmarked on MC5D.

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