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(Sold) bayonet w/ frog and Flag

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I need to get my laptop fixed so I'm forced to part with these... the flag was captured in the China Burma India campaign the vet served in kunming China, I got it from the estate. The sun part is feels almost like a very soft felt or cotton and has some damage. I wrote as much info as I could on a note card I didn't get the name of the vet though, it measures 17x15 1/4. The bayonet is complete with the frog this DID NOT come from the estate it is in excellent condition and the locking mechanism works and functions fine. It has no major nicks in the blade.
**flag sold
I would like to get $250 shipped for them both or best offer but buyer will pay shipping.
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No pay buyer. Asking $200 plus shipping.
$180 + shipping this is the lowest I'll go
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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