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So i picked up my rifle last night.............

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and started inspecting it closer and such. It's a '42 Izhevsk. Numbers match on the bolt, butt plate, and the magazine plate. There were numbers on the back of the bolt knob but have been mostly polished away so it's hard to tell what they were. There are a bunch of other markings on the rifle. A star inside the bolt, (visible with it assembled) Some N markings on the stock and such, also the triangle with the arrow, and what looks like a square diamond with a line from point to point spliting the diamond into triangles. (couldn't find that marking listed anywhere.) It came with a shortened "probe" lol (bayonet?) the strap, the 2 lided can and the tools. Also the ammo pouch. Pretty good deal for 79 bucks I think. Best part of all, when CAI re serialised the weapon, the last 3 are 777!
I'll post pics in a minute. Gotta upload them first!
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Nice deal! I think you're going to enjoy shooting it...I know I do mine. Congrats!
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