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Ruth has been working ll morning on the book and many of you have sent photos of your rifles and cases. It will be ready to print with a few additions. Needed are (1) a photo of a Type 38 scope mount, view from the scope side. The only 38 scope photos we have are Shin Numera's (sp?) four-photos-to -the-page that has been in previous printings. If you know of anyone with a scope for the Type 38 sniper a photo would be greatly appreciated. (2) climbing "spikes.

I have the drawing of the scope mount on the Type 38 scope rifle I had, but a photo would be much better.

Off the subject, Ruth's been closet cleaning and just walked in with Nambu T-14, 14.9 date, SN 66457. It's a BB "1/1 scale High Performance Assembled Plastic Model Gun" still in the original box with the "BB Bullets." She'll want to sell it and I'll want to keep it. Watch the Trader.,
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