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Smoking rounds

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I bought a new 357 Mag. and went to the range to shoot it and a 44 Mag. that I have. I noticed a lot of smoke from the reloads that I was shooting but not from the factory ammo. The 357 mags were loaded 17 years ago with 148g l-wc and 2.9g of bullseye. I didn't check the velocity but, it was less than the remington factory loads.
The 44 mags were also loaded 17 years ago with 240g l-sw and 18-8g of 2400 for an average of 1091 fps. They shot real well, about what you would expect, but just more smoke than I expected. Could the powded have deteriated and not have burned as it should?
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Maybe it's the type of lube used on the lead bullets...?... That's my best guess.
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