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First off, thanks to everyone who's answered my questions the past week or so regarding this SMLE I'm working on...your experience and knowledge are greatly appreciated...I'm learning alot.

My question...I've started removing the cosmo from the rifle and noticed the wear on the magazine and in the places where the bluing is wearing off it's showing a brass or goldish type color (see pics). Is that normal and just a stage of the bluing wearing away to a typical silver steel color? anything to worry about?

...or is that just the begning of rust? I'm used to seeing the bluing giving way to the silver steel color but this brassy/goldish color has me confused.

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Short answer: Its not rust, its brazing.

A quick Google Search took me to a Gunboards from from the before time, here is the gist of it

This SMLE magazine was made from three pieces of steel.
The front back and sides of the case are one piece of bent sheetmetal.
The rib is a separate piece.
The bottom is a separate piece.

As Englishman_ca said, the pieces are brazed together---in the photos below, it is possible to see parts of the joins.
The rib was brazed on to cover the main joint at the back of the case.
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