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If your 1916 SMLE has a fixed windage rear sight, there is no useful/non-damaging correction you can do to it, a bigger hammer will NOT help!
^ This.

Nearly all 'Enfields' you find will have the front sight offset a bit to the left. That is simply what needs to be to make the POI match the POA.

I have heard two theories about this.

One has to do with the bullet drift at long range going to the left from the left-hand rifling. Scientifically provable, but unlikely on the Enfield sights, which are pretty simply constructed .

To look at a rear sight that WAS corrected for bullet drift at long range, you need look no further than the slanted elevation adjustment on the rear sight on a 1903 Springfield (with the Springfield, the right hand rifling drifts the bullet off to the right).

The other has to do with the actions being rear-locking and the left receiver rails are much heavier and stiffer than the right receiver rails on all models. The story goes that the right rail 'stretches' more than the left rail upon firing, cocking the barrel slightly to the left as the bullet leaves.

I just put these out there as theories. There may or may not be truth in either of them, but I DO find both of them interesting.
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