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I just posted an inquiry on the reloading section asking if there is a formula to estimate the POI of a bullet using a given MV, the angle between the muzzle and the point of aim of the front sight to the rear sight calibration. I've spoken to one shooter who shoots at 1000 yards. Does anyone have the formula? Some Afghanis would have your answer.
Just locate one of the many free on-line ballistics calculators. I have a favorite that I use to try to estimate where the sight settings are going to put me at ranges beyond the 300m that I can physically check at my range. With a good MV, reasonable BC and hard zeroing data at 100, 200 and 300m I've found it possible to make good extrapolations to 500 to 600m using one of these. It involves measuring the incremental rear sight height above the bore for each position on the sight beyond 300m.

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