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Stopped at a store and saw a M95 for sale. Looked at it but at $250 they wanted way to much for a Bulgarian refurb / put together gun. It did bring up some questions though.

The particulars of the gun:
Original Steyr made carbine/stutzen;
1918 dated;
4004W. serial number on barrel and receiver;
'S' marked;
Rear sight in schritt (to 24);
Electropenciled serial number on bolt, non matching;
No serial numbers on barrel bands;
A worn non matching serial number on left side of stock, no other serial #s on stock;
'SS' stamp above stock serial number, about 1/2 the size;
A stamp below the stock serial number that was two periods on either side of a boxed 'X'. It looked something like: .[x]. but with the periods at the center of the sides of the box and the box was completely closed;
A stamp just in front of the trigger guard that looked like (from muzzle end to butt end) a 'T' turned 90 degrees counterclockwise, followed by a 'Z' followed by a 'V' turned 90 degrees clockwise ('less than' symbol). It looked like: ⊢Z< with the letters slightly closer together but not touching;
The 'SS' and .[x]. markings are newer than the serial number. I couldn't say for sure about the ⊢Z< marking but most likely newer;
The trigger guard/magazine was stamped with a 4 digit number just below where the trigger is, on the outside of the trigger guard like a Nepalese unit marking on a Martini-Henry;
No unit marking on the buttplate;
No Bulgarian rework stamps on the stock;
The rear band had both side sling bar and bottom sling swivel;
The stock had the cutout for the bottom swivel but the metal had been removed, no wood plug;
No import marks I could see;
Didn't seem to be duffel cut but I didn't look hard.

Any idea what is with this one? A put together gun here in the States?
What is with the three strange stock markings on the stock (bolded in the list above)?
Sorry but they frown on pictures so none were taken.
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