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Hello Folks -

Been a while since I've picked up a new (old) helmet, but this one was in the antique store around the corner. I know very little about the Italian WW2 helmets, so any info one can provide will be appreciated!

Attached are three photos. Apologies for the color, it seems off. May have been the light. The helmet looks to be untouched, appears to have a darker flat green over a lighter more glossy green.

Seems to have two stenciled insignis. More obvious is the flaming bomb over the crossed cannons. A close look will show a smaller set of crossed cannons under that ine. I imagine they are an artillery unit, but look forward to other's expertise in id'ing the meaning. There is a number inside the 'bomb' may be 51??

Next, and not till I got it home, did I see the writing on the back side. It say in ink, "TAKEN FROM SICILY ON / JULY ?? 1943." Unfortunately I can't make out the day.

Finally is the interior. The strap has had period repairs where the strap has been reinforced with thread.

They were asking $65. Got it for $57.50. Have no idea if that is good, bad or ugly!!

Thought you Italian Fans might enjoy :), and again, will appreciate anything anyone may add about the insignias's meaning.

- Thanks and best regards! Mike

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That's an M33 helmet, the standard helmet of Italian Army during WWII. It has a long and honored history since, adopted in 1933, it survived, pratically unaltered, after the war, until the adoption of the kevlar helmet. From what I know, it influenced also the design of various helmets in East Europe, as the Bulgarian M51 and M72.
As you said, that of the photo belong to an artillery unit. The number inside the bomb is the number of the regiment.

Here a parade helmet of an anti-aircraft artillery unit.

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