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SKS question

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The Romanian WASR is considered the low end AK-47

What SKS is considered the low end
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Just remember this, even with the spring loaded firing pin, if you do puncture a primer like is common on the cheaper Russian ammo, the spring will be fried! Most tension gone. I even had one punctured soft primer melt the tip of a spring due to the super heated gasses. Be sure to have an extra spring on hand. I think he sends two springs per pin.
That is true but at least it breaks just the spring instead of the entire firing pin. Also, if you send it to murray to install part of the service that is included in the price of the install is he does a machining on the bolt face that takes kind of the sharp corner off it thus almost eliminating popped primers entirely. Even with surplus berdan primed ammo. Seems to work fine on boxer primed commercial ammo to.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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