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Picked up a book on The FFL ,titled, "The Damned Die Hard", about the history of the FFL. Also picked up these flags, years ago, from a guy who got them in VN. The book is a good read and one I kept for future re-reading. Dien Bien Phu, is a classic case of The US promising the world to someone and abandoning them when it seemed to be politically expedient. Ike had seen too much war , I guess, to want to step in and save someone. He had a change of heart by 1958 and was actively supporting SVN ,with "advisors" .The whole VN thing was screwed from the beginning after WW2 by Truman and his advisors, who saw a "Commie" behind every rock. What we have today is someone who seems to be afraid of his own shadow and we are abandoning our friends around the globe , to tinpot dictators who we will eventually have to deal with, only on a stronger scale. Just MHO, BB.


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