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They are all over Iraq. My Iraqi Army partner had one in his office that he captured in an Iranian border town during the Iran/Iraq war. He tried to give it to me as a gift when he saw how interested in it I was. I did not accept it, but we did talk guns for a while. He told me that he and all the males of his family also have BRNO made sporting mausers, it is a sign of wealth in Iraq. And they do hunt deer there, a species of them migrates south from Europe and passes through Iraq for about a week out of the year north of Mosul. Prior to the Kurd/Shiite uprising in the mid 1990s the area was open to the public to hunt, but it has been closed since. There is a Bedouin tradition of hunting deer where the men of the tribe will hide behind cover, wait for the herd of deer to approach, then come up to fire a volley into the herd. He showed me pictures to prove it, very interesting to see and Iraqi in Bedouin garb posing with a rifle and a deer.
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