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Sig P-245 questions.

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I was at the indoor range and saw a Sig P-245 for sale in the mid $400 range. I didn't ask to see it, but went home and checked Sig's web sight and there is no listing for this gun. I wanted to look at the weight, size etc, etc.
I love the P229 but was looking for a concealable .45. I like DA/SA pistols over the Glock type or DA only.
Any thoughts on this particular pistol for concealability purposes. Or is it just a short, fat, stubby gun. ;)
Being a Sig, I'm sure it is a reliable, well made shooter so more interested in size for carrying.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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Nice gun. I bought mine new for $605.00 a few years ago, and don't know if I shot it yet or not, but it looks good. The $400.00 price is good providing it's in nice shape.
Wow, you must have willpower of steel, I cannot usually wait and end up stopping by the range on the way home from buying a new gun, lol.
I know, I own a few firearms that sit NIB never fired, or milsurps that haven't even had the cosmo removed yet. Someday I'll get around to it. I told my wife if I drop dead she'll have more than one male freind stopping over, willing to help her out with the guns.:D
Memory lapse maybe? When I first bought my dot1943 K98k I didn't even wait to go to a range. When getting a bandolier of 8mm Turk with it, I pulled off on the first deserted road out of town on the way home and put five rounds through it into a tree. HooAhh!:D
Yes memory lapse. I really don't remember shooting this one. :) Pulling over and letting a few rounds off would be cool, but not around here.:D
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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