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Siamese Mauser Dies

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I would like to reload for my Type 66 Siamese Mauser and I know that both RCBS and CH4D make custom reloading and form dies for the caliber. Do any of you experience with these dies? Is one manufacturer better than the other? Any pros and cons I should consider? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, John
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I have used .45/70 with a lot of work (sizing, trimming, Rim turning and bevelling, etc, for making 8x52R T66 cases;

I have also tried 7,62x54R with a base sleeve to centre the brass and avoid lopsided bulges, but the best and easiest is 8x56R Military brass (Berdan) ---either Austrian 1938 or Bulgarian 1930s brass cases...simply size and trim, and shoot. (using the origional powder reduced to 80% and the original bullet.
Further reloading is with either cast lead GC, or .323 Flat based bullets.
I suppose Prvi/Grafs 8x56R Boxer Brass will do just well.

The Important thing is the rim thickness and belvel, so that the case chambers well and does not jam or break the extractor claw.

Dies, I have had RCBS for over 30 problems for reloading or case forming as a last step ( Use 45/70 cases--9,5 Mauser BP die, .33 Win die, and finally 8x52R dies...anneal cases.).

Doc AV
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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