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shtf.....all your stores pillaged.......what to do?

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rigor / relevance:

rigor : what if you did everything possible to accumulate store your survival items securely...
nothing over looked checked re checked......
your a few hours away from home shopping or visiting hospital anything that may take you away from your supplies for a few hours over travel distances of a few hundred miles.
all you have is side arm 200 rounds in the bug out bag....and a few other things.

a disaster occurs? your trapped in out of traffic miles from home communications cut, and travel more difficult each day your away.....things failing, support services, police, fire depts falling apart no help...people despirt danger at every curve....but you manage to get closer to home in the next two or more weeks.....its even more unraveled as you get closer to home....

now walking out of gas....for a few come to your neighborhood relief short lived....its looks like its burnt out war torn CNN broadcast from over see no friends, doors busted get to your house.....the same looted, half burnt.....things thrown all around, safes broken into.....stores gone, family gone.....just you, the things in your bug out bag, pistol 198 rounds now...

what is the first thing you do for food /water /shelter? (that first HOUR... day):confused:

B) WHAT future PLANS / long term objectives? ( FOR THAT FIRST WEEK ONLY):?




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I think I would dig to see if "they" missed anything, then I think I might make plans to get myself to family in the Pacific NW, including finding a way to replace firearms and ammo. AT least I could hunt and fish and collect along the coast. Can't do much of that here in the desert.
A) Take stock of what's left - garden, fuel sources, camping equipment. Consolidate things so as to make them more easily defensible. Bug out, perhaps on foot, with what's carry-able if there is no chance for food or water. I have 6 backpacks in 4 different places - they can't have bothered to take them all.
B) Set up camp somewhere sufficiently remote to limit the chance of being bothered but with easy access to a watershed (not all that hard to do in the Santa Cruz mountains). Work on fabricating basic tools like digging sticks if there was nothing to take with me.
C) Lack of the food reserves and lack of basic shelter. Even with all fuel exhausted it's a lot easier to stay warm, dry, and healthy in a well sealed structure than a make shift shelter in the woods. In coastal California, if you can keep the moisture away all you really need is warm clothing - no heat source necessary.
D) Learn to love dining on invertebrates. Lacking any discrete means to take deer and with even my slingshot for birds or rabbits gone there's not much else about.
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Nothing worse than being shot with your own ammo.....
from the responses....two had good plans and hopes....
.one had a realization that everything in your arsenal and stores could outfit locals with different beliefs into a formonal enemy.......

my collection could well arm more that # 65 + with ammo guns and knives, reloading components if i fail as above to hang on to my shtf stuff...

all this falling into zombies hands!..... as each house falls... set up with supplies like many of us have....the invaders will become stronger stronger armed to the teeth.....war harden in their tactics on how to take an armed residence!

the above thread relevances:.....will leave you in the nearly unprepaired.....state...!.
the lack of responses of "quick wittedness" i see a pattern emerging......
shtf has to start while your home with all your comforts at hand, all your plans are based on i have all this!

my response "you had all that".... what now?... out of the ruble you must emurage with a plan as best thought out as pre shtf plans if this would happen ?

lets think about this?....... share concepts, ideas, abstracts, develop plans "think out of the box you built for your satisfied self"
if it happen and you were home with all your toys we know what we will do!
but if all that unexpectedly is taken whats your secondary plan of action?
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Spread all the stuff out all over the farm in

hidden places and maybe ... JUST MAYBE ,

they won't get it all .

small cashes....
I have a plan for my initial stores being taken..Not all in one place and a stash location only my family knows of....Not perfect but a start...
Go to alternate stash.
Retrieve supplies.
Hunt down the raider.
Leave a message no-one can possibly misunderstand, misinterpret or misquote.
stashes / cashes.......

revenge plonker may waste precious time and resources.....
but use the freedom to find food, water, shelter and tracking down needed resources!
I have a neighbor i hate. He is anti-gun but keeps a good supply of food and bottle water. HMMM.....who will go thirsty????. Survival of the fitest. And if anarchy happened i do know some cave in the hills i could live in.
small cashes....
friends-whole lot better than bookends...stash-whole lot better than cash.
What happened to the two other bullets you started out with ??
revenge plonker may waste precious time and resources
Not revenge, deterrent. Plus I get at least some of my stuff back.
98 .....don't turn into a zombie.....its his FiveShot said
ifs he's around he will love you your guns for protection..
(people will change and evaluate their position on a lot of things during now after being attacked or family member being attacked...they buy a gun!)

i agree stashes better than cash...friends you need them...anyone you knew before all this my be an asset indeed!
Rick "What happened to the two other bullets you started out with ??"...relevance:
it was a "catch phrase" to see who was paying attend to small win!
i though also i might have used them in getting to my house....running off an animal or a person!
not important to the serinerio but as said above.
The best thing to do is to never leave your

kingdom unattended . Either leave someone

at home that has a modecum of skills / training

or have a back up neighbor to keep watch , I

went out for a movie and a nice repast one evening

and when I got home late , 2 ride mowers turned

up missing . A few months later bout 50 miles away

the perps of this dirty deal got into a heated argument

and pistols were pulled and discharged for effect . The

police were called out and lo and behold , the two

machines were discovered in the back yard along with

numerous other items such as stolen boats , trailers ,

bicycles , scooters , etc etc . There is no honor amongst

thieves . Mowers were retreived in relatively good shape

but a new one had already been purchased .

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This is why you never put all your eggs in one basket.
my first move:
A) is to secure a perimeter of defence, shelter with structures left..
(its my property and know its limits explore its new limits.... is the electric, water still on or can be hooked up, temporary or permanent shelter ?)
B) while day lights aviable....get to my waterproof stash... just few mre's rifle ammo, back pack of things, boots
then go scouting the empty community for "treasures" abandoned
C) whats changed long term preparations....mental state of staying put in a little comfort!
D) replanning from the ruble, with much prayer....
start searching off from main roads for visual info, food water, better shelters, family.....
clues what actually happen? and maybe allieds?.....
staying hidden mostly till i get a handle on things scoping glassing any contacts from afar...
returning to homestead leaving it visually as picked over, not show my self in the day light or changing oveiouse occupation!

everthing else will be based on intellengence gathering....<><dk
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Any experience on burying guns in PVC pipe?
My geography dictates "bug out". I know what goes with me.
Remainder of guns and huge ammo stash must remain behind until the dust settles and I can return to retrieve it.
Seriously considering a power auger post hole digger and supply of PVC pipe and cement.
Looking at pre-drilling and planting a PVC pipe garden that rifles can be dropped into and an end cap cemented on quickly. In the event of ... whatever isn't marked for travel can be dropped down the tube and sealed in and covered over in a hurry.
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